From: "Henning, Mike [HQSLD]" <>

Date: July 16, 2012 6:04:54 PM EDT

To: Jeremy Cooperstock <>


Mr. Cooperstock,


Thank you for speaking with me today regarding some of the concerns that United Airlines has with your website,  During our conversation, I requested that you modify portions of your website because, among other things, certain United employees have not granted permission for their names to be listed on your site and because aspects of your site may create confusion for customers who are looking for United’s website.  You stated that you would consider certain requests upon receipt of an e-mail from me.  Please accept this e-mail as my formal request concerning two of these issues.


Specifically, United’s concerns with your web site include the following:


(1)  “Contact UAL” link:  The link contains the names and contact information of Helen Chellin, Jessica Rossman, and Jeff Wittig.  These individuals have not given permission for their names to be listed on the site, and the information contained on the link does not reflect how consumers would contact United.  I request that you either disable this link entirely or refer users to United’s “Contact us” link, which can be found here:


(2)   The banner on the home page of  The layout of the home page may cause confusion for consumers who think they have reached United’s web site.  For example, the combination of the color and font of UNTIED, the use of our globe logo, and the placement of “Sign In”, “My Account”, and “Contact Us” at the top right-hand portion of your page suggest an affiliation with United.  I request that you remove this banner on your site or alter the material so that it does not look like United’s own web site.


I appreciate your consideration of these requests.  Should you have any questions about my e-mail, please feel free to call me.




Michael C. Henning

Managing Counsel - Litigation & Intellectual Property

United Air Lines, Inc.
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