From: Jeremy Cooperstock <>

Date: July 17, 2012 8:51:47 AM EDT

To: "Henning, Mike [HQSLD]" <>

Subject: Re:

Dear Mr. Henning,

Thank your for putting your concerns in writing.  While I study the issues you've raised, I wanted to put forward the following proposition to you:

As you are no doubt aware, I've been running as a service to passengers and staff of your company since 1997.   Over the years, I have corresponded with some of the more than 23,000 passengers (and hundreds of employees) who have submitted their complaints to me regarding their experiences with your airline.  Through this interaction,  I have accumulated considerable experience regarding passenger attitudes and their general dissatisfaction with your airline's handling of their complaints.   Clearly, from the growing number of complaints I'm seeing, also evident in United's placement in the statistics compiled by the DoT, whatever you've been doing isn't working.

I'd like to help.  In fact, as indicated in my site FAQ, I've long maintained the hope that my efforts would help United Air Lines make improvements in its relationships with paying customers and valued front-line employees.   Since you've taken the initiative in contacting me, I'm reciprocating here by offering my services to your senior management on a consultancy basis.   Please feel free to discuss this with your colleagues and directors and let me know if this interests the airline.


- Jeremy