From: Jeremy Cooperstock <>

Date: October 12, 2012 1:08:16 PM EDT

To: "Henning, Mike" <>

Subject: Re:

Dear Mr. Henning,

 Thank you for your letter of October 2, in which you reiterate your concern for alleviating potential confusion of passengers.  I am certain that the majority of passengers who submit complaints to regarding their unfortunate travel experiences with your airline would be relieved to learn that someone at United truly cares about them.  As one example with which you may be able to assist, many of United Airlines' customers have experienced a great deal of confusion due to the -- for lack of a better term -- "confusing" explanations provided by your airline staff when a United flight is significantly delayed or cancelled, ostensibly because of weather conditions at the destination airport, despite the weather report indicating that conditions are fine, and while flights from other airlines on the same leg continue without interruption.  Would you be so kind as to offer a statement that I could provide to my readers with questions of this nature?

  Similarly, I share your concern that "communications submitted by United Airlines' customers... are sometimes lost or not directed through the appropriate channels", as is evident by the numerous posts I receive along the lines of this one from September 28:

    On August 28, 2012 UA flight 427 was cancelled after many delays. 

    Passengers were told they should contact and


    would be given travel vouchers for their inconvenience.  I have sent 3

    messages to this address and have not had a response.  Also tried to

    call the feedback line which says the mailbox is full and you cannot leave

    a message.

 Clearly, United Airlines has some work to do in the communications department.  As I've noted already, this is one of those areas in which I can offer valuable expertise, and with which I'd like to assist you.  

  In any event, despite your admirable desire to facilitate communication with United Airlines' customers, there seems to be a troublesome contradiction between your concerns that somehow impedes "the communication flow between United Airlines and its customers" and your intent, as expressed in your letter, to interfere with this very same communication flow.  For those very few passenger satisfaction issues that slip between the cracks of your otherwise superb customer relations team, it seems to me that the best-placed individual to resolve their issues would be the Manager of Customer Relations.  However, if Helen Chellin (Manager of Customer Relations) "has no connection to the issues discussed on [my] site", then we should begin our meeting in Montreal by considering the assignment of job titles that more appropriately describe the actual responsibilities of your team members with respect to decision-making authority in customer relations .  For obvious reasons, it is essential that Ms. Chellin join our meeting in Montreal.  

  Similarly, in order for United Airlines to benefit properly from the one hour of my consulting service that I have agreed to provide to you, at your request, on a "no fee basis", I trust you will agree that it is imperative for your Senior Vice-President, Labor Relations, to join the meeting as well, given that the topics to be discussed include United's relations with its employees, not only its customers.  I am unable to meet with you on the dates you suggested, but please let me know whether Helen, Martin, and Douglas McKeen would be available to meet in Montreal the morning of December 18 or 19.

  I am in full agreement regarding the seriousness of the "very disturbing message" that you thoughtfully transcribed in your letter of September 10.  I thank you for confirming, in your letter of October 2, that this matter is currently under investigation by the government.  As such, I again ask that you provide me with the name(s) of the officers at the federal agency or agencies with whom you have shared the transcript, so that I may verify, for the safety of your passengers and my readers, that this matter is being treated appropriately.   I'm sure you can appreciate that sharing with me the name(s) of such individual(s) would in no way compromise the integrity of this investigation.  Rather, it would allow me to offer my assistance to the investigation by providing the relevant agency or agencies with any additional information that might be useful to their task.  As I'm certain that United Airlines would not wish to be seen as obstructing an ongoing federal investigation, I expect to receive this information from you at your earliest convenience.

  I look forward to hearing from you.

- Jeremy