I urgently need your help.
Please help me prevent United Airlines from taking away this site.

unTIED.com is one of the world's first consumer rights advocacy websites, launched in 1997, predating United Airline's own website, united.com by almost two years.

This site exists to:

For the last four years, United has been working to silence its most vocal critic, trying to shut down this website through legal proceedings. I have resisted these efforts to my greatest ability.

Throughout the entirety of the proceedings, the most unfriendly airline has strenuously denied its true intent, going so far as to hide an incriminating email in which one of the airline's senior employees wrote, "We're working on shutting it down". Now, the airline is being more candid.

In closing trial submissions before the Federal Court, United suggested that I should be ordered to stop using the domain name, unTIED.com. And most recently, in a letter to the Court, United writes:

"If the Court finds in favour of United Airlines and determines that an injunction should issue, the injunction needs to be clearly understood by the parties, and in particular the Defendant. As such, the Court may need to consider ordering the Defendant to transfer ownership of the domain name and other internet presences to ensure the injunction is clear and will be respected."

Through its highly misleading portrayal of passenger complaints received by unTIED.com, United may well have convinced the Court to rule against me. If so, I will likely be facing significant costs. Reader donations to my legal defence fund have so far helped keep my out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum, but I need your help to keep fighting to the next level.

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