Over the years, I received various demands that I alter the look of my web page, and numerous references to unauthorized use of United's trademarks. I pointed out that my mocking of the airline's logo and "Fly the friendly skies" motto was parody, protected under "fair use" exclusions of the U.S. Trademark Dilution Law.. In short, believe that consumers should not be intimidated by powerful companies who attempt to silence their criticism through the common tactic of legal threats, and I stood my ground. The more mail I received from other former passengers and employees who had been mistreated by the airline, the more I was determined to continue spending hundreds of hours of my time maintaining the web site.

UAL was taking the predictable route of trying to silence a critic rather than deal with their problems constructively. Had either Mr. Greenwald or any of UAL's Customer Relations employees taken a few minutes to read and reply to my letter of June 13, 1996, they could have saved themselves lots of negative publicity as well as many hours of their lawyers' time.