Untied Airlines is proud to have no relation to United Airlines, which is not responsible for the contents of this web site, apart from providing the poor service that led to all of these complaints.

If you work for United and are upset at me for criticizing your company, please realize that I am not trying to disparage you, personally. I have no doubt that many of the employee-owners of United are professionals with a high degree of integrity. I have enjoyed corresponding with several of you, who share my belief that as passengers, we deserve better treatment from your company than we have received. In addition, I appreciate the employee perspective that you bring to the discussion.

If you have some comments to make regarding any of the material on my web site, or any information to provide concerning the passengers' reports, I will make every attempt to be fair. I have appended such comments where relevant and removed entire reports that were reasonably disputed by a UAL representative.

As a simple suggestion, perhaps United could set up its own version of these web pages, soliciting customer's complaints and responding to them adequately, in a timely manner, on-line. If your company addressed the concerns of its customers in a more satisfactory manner than it has in the past, then there would be no need for my own web pages.

If you're one of those Chicago heavyweights, please note the following: