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United wins "worst airline" three years running! For each of 2011, 2012, and 2013, the U.S. Department of Transportation received more complaints against United Airlines than any other U.S. airline (data from the Air Travel Consumer Reports, formerly here). Good thing they're focused on suing rather than improving their customer service!

Here's the beginning of a typical passenger's letter we received:

United Airlines Customer Relations

This is the third time I have written to you on this matter. My mother also wrote to you on my behalf. Neither my mother or myself have even received so much as a courtesy response from you.

Sound familiar? If it does, you're not alone, and that's part of the reason for We did our part for several years by tracking customer complaints registered through our website and the responses from the airline received by passengers.

Number of complaints against United received by our site per month has collected approximately 26,000 complaints against United Airlines, for which passengers have reported receiving approximately 400 responses from the airline. At last count, approximately half of these replies were considered unsatisfactory. Not very impressive by any stretch of the imagination....

This began way back in 1998, in response to the comments of a United employee, Ms. Kimbell, who claimed that her employers "do care" about the passengers. As we promised Ms. Kimbell at the time we set up the new input form for submitting passenger complaints (and forwarding these directly to the airline), we posted the statistics here, hoping to see an improving trend with steadily decreasing numbers of complaints and increasing number of passengers who were satisfied with the outcomes of their complaints.

We're still hoping...

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