This page used to provide workplace contact information of senior United employees who had, on several occasions, helped resolve passenger problems when United's so-called "Customer Care" department refused to do so. Unfortunately, United Airlines prevailed in obtaining an injunction that prevents us from providing the information here. Sorry, but you'll need to look elsewhere.

Some examples in which passengers succeeded by contacting the senior United employees who were previously listed here:

However, United Airlines doesn't want passengers to have alternative avenues to resolve their disputes with the airline, when Customer Care refuses to act properly. And certainly, United does not want to make it easy for claims to be served against the airline. In fact, United Airlines doesn't even think it's appropriate for law enforcement officials, collection agencies, paralegals, and attorneys to be able to contact anyone in the airline except for "Customer Care".

As a result, United Airlines sued Jeremy Cooperstock, the maintainer of this website, in Quebec Superior Court, alleging that Cooperstock was "harassing" various senior airline employees by providing their workplace contact information on this page, even though the same information is publicly available elsewhere. These senior employees blatantly lied to the Court regarding the volume and nature of correspondence they received from passengers. Regardless, after four years of legal battles, United eventually succeeded in obtaining its injunction. Now, can no longer provide here the contact information of senior employees who (despite their misrepresentations to the Court), were able to help various passengers resolve their problems with the airline.

Our legal battles with United are ongoing, and the airline is now trying to shut down the site entirely. If you're inclined to help support us to keep this site alive, please consider donating to our legal defense fund:

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For those passengers submitting a complaint to United Airlines through our on-line complaint form, we provide further information regarding your legal rights and how to bring a small claims action against the airline.

If you're not getting anywhere with "Customer Care" beyond a form-letter reply, possibly several weeks after you submit your complaint, you're not alone. This is how United operates. Especially if you are bringing a claim that demands compensation from the airline, United's representatives are trained to do everything possible to deny passengers their rights, wearing them down through an endless run-around.

United's headquarters physical address is 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, USA. But any name or address that United makes publicly available can be assumed to be a direct route to "Customer Care" or to the round filing cabinet. If you hope to resolve your problem by escalating to the higher-ups at United, in most cases, you're wasting your time and energy. Regardless of whom you contact in the corporate chain, your complaint will most likely be shunted back to the regular "Customer Care" representatives. Sad to say, but in general, the only way to get United's attention is through media exposure or legal action.

You can (and should) also submit a complaint to the U.S. Department of Transportation Agency, but only in extreme cases will the agency take action, and it won't be to address an individual complaint. The agency has, in the past: