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April 20, 2017

I was injured while working a flight, my claim was of course accepted but because I am based in Sfo and live in Oregon Gallagher Bassett refuses to provide me with an approved doctors list therefore I am unable to receive treatment . I am now on social security disability and just started to get treatment now on Medicare after sitting around for 2 1/2 years with absolutely no communication from the company no calls from my supervisor.. no inquire on how I am doing. At the time of my injury I was working under the old union contract that allowed for 6 years length of absence, last September I received my first communication from the company stating that a new union policy is going into affect and I will be administratively terminated at 3 years for absolutely no fault of my own. I reached out to the union they can not help at all because it's a WC federal issue and was unaware of the changed union agreement even going as far to say it will not effect me because it's effective sept 2016 forward. But they were incorrect and it will affect me so I will be administratively terminated. soon. Very frustrated and seems extremely unfair because of lack of treatment available to me to heal and get better. Now I have permanent damage and on disability. I would like to know my options as I find this situation I'm in very disturbing.

January 27, 2017

I'm very interested in the employees story that was walked out of UA in Mar 2014. My story is almost exactly the same t. I had upgraded a 1K and also waived a change fee for a customer whose family member was in critical condition and in his return, helped him to reroute as Houston was under water. They said I cost the co. 8K$ when I insisted it was customer service and good will. They also tied it to waivers and favors. This happened in Sep 2016. This is how they treat excellent devoted employees -- I would have had 30 yrs. in Dec. My biggest offense was that i failed to document the records. Please get me in touch w/ the other employee that experienced the same treatment. These were tough times when the merger between UA and CO -- it was when we needed to work hard at keeping our customers - they were so frustrated w/ mechanical delays , cancellation, computer glitches, lost baggage ,etc. I would just like to get the benefits and respect that I devoted 30 years to.

December 13, 2016

I read these heartfelt testimonials, and I'm in tears. I was walked out in Nov, 2015. Terminated after being given the chance to retire with only flight benefits, which was not something I could do. As I was fired for doing what a supervisor told me was permissable, because I went weeks at a time without breaks or lunches. I'm going to arbitration next year, and I will win. But if anyone took the passes, instead of fighting, I do not believe their documented gag order will hold up legally. And I ask, have you flown anywhere while paying for your medical until you get to Medicare? Please let me know if you signed one of there passes for retirement letters. You can remain anonymous.

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September 12, 2016

The merger between UA and CO is the worst for not only our valued customers but for the dedicated caring employees. Management attitudes continued as United. Continental had the 'culture' that was needed to succeed, and all involved in the merger continued to say that. Trust in the employees is non-existent, and employees wanting to give good customer service are afraid fearing retaliation. I have worked for this company since 1977. I started with Texas International which merged with Continental, which merges with People Express, Frontier, New York Air, Eastern and so on. The last merge was with United. I was a Ramp Supervisor at Houston and out of my 39 years of dedicated service, had over 20 years within management. The UA/CO merger was done terribly with employees from each side confused and frustrated. Directions changed on a daily basis leaving each supervisor giving wrong or misleading information to our hard working employees. A prime example of this leadership quality happened to me. I am a small example of the many events that happened to very good employees. Around November of 2015, a new Managing Director for Houston ramp services was hired from Amazon. His ideas were completely against the procedures and policies that the majority of supervisors, both UA and CO, knew and accepted. This new Director said he knew my time with UA would help him succeed if I would convince the younger Supervisors to accept his decisions. I would not comply and in fact questioned, with others, the main change he wanted in regards to our seniority. In March of this year, the Director emailed to all supervisors his distrust of activities by supervisors. Stated in the email was his direction to correct these actions immediately or be subject to termination. I was taken back by these accusations of miss-trust and threat of unemployment. I printed off a copy of his email, framed it and posted it at my cubicle next to a framed, autographed statement from ex-CO CEO Gordon Bethune which referred to his style of leadership which was comprised of trusting his employees. Within 4 weeks I was terminated by the Director. In the termination letter, the email posting was the main reason for dismissal but 3 other previous events were also noted. 1 for trying to create a 'hostile environment' and 1 for a confrontation with a co-supervisor. Both were investigated and found to have no merit and I was cleared of both. The other was an event that took place January of 2014 which was a confrontation with a manager. I was placed on PIP and documented completing this in March of 2015. During the termination meeting another event that happened May of 2013 was brought up. This is when I fell asleep, during my lunch break, in my company truck after doing many weeks and months of overtime and double shifts requested by our managers. I was giving 3 days off without pay for this and was allowed to return to work doing the excessive amount of overtime again.

I am sorry for the length of this comment, but I want to show that treatment of UA's employees is the main reason we are not fulfilling our commitments to our customers. Many of my co-supervisors are afraid to make decisions and speak because their story might become as mine.

In my case, all of the termination charges can be discarded except the posting of the Directors email. I did do that, but never imagined a 4 decade career could end. Sure, UA will say I was a problem and had every opportunity to correct my actions. After 39 years of service I challenged them to show anything, other than the confrontation in January 2014, of anything that I needed to correct. Less than 2 months before my termination, I was giving my performance review with the Managing Director and others present. Nothing was said of any issues, in fact just the opposite of how successful I was.

How is it that a new Director with less than 5 months with an airline can throw out a career of a 4 decade, dedicated, committed, good employee so easily? No wonder UA's customer service is the way it is. You have to have happy employees to give good service.

August 15, 2016

I was in training with class 1627 . In the early morning hours I Was awoken by my roommate having sexual intercourse with another trainee. I left my room and went down to the front desk to get security to get the male subject out of my room which united made me share with this other individual and I was told by the front desk at the Hilton Northbin Houston Texas to let them finish. So mind you this is at 0315 . I go back up to my room and my roommate tells me that if I tell on her she is going to make sure that I get kicked out of training because I had lost my bank card and i had ordered room services before noticing that my card was gone. Well on Thursady, August 4, 2016 I get a phone call from Mark and Mary inflight managers to say that I was dismissed from training due to being rude to the hotel staff and I was not the United brand...... They did not bring me to the office so that I could tell them what happened . Then when Mary came to the hotel to pick up United's property which she did in the front lobby at the door I tried telling her about the night in question and she said, yes I heard someone yelling that they were f'ing there roommate . So I guess the United brand is to sleep around even in front of your roommate.

July 28, 2016

Working in the ramp operations @UNITED is very challenging and dangerous and fun as as well. There is always a bad side to something so good and what really is making our airline so bad are the ramp supervisors. If only we can just furlough them how great the ramp operation will be. UNITED rampers always come to work ready for on time departures for a smooth operation for are customers and making our airline great with safety as PRIORITY. Supervisors come to wrk with no knowledge of the job but to hound the rampers by rushing for on time departures by jeopardizing r safety. They promote confusion n chaos when scheduling flights even a retard can do better. They focus on attacking employees rather than working with us to make r airline fantastic. They dont follow there own policies and when they mess up they either hide or blame us. Ramp sups remember da word KARMA. U still have a chance to change ur ways and work with us to make us the best. WHY DO U DO THIS?? What did we do to make u be such awful sups? We are not ur enemies but u sups dont even know ur own operation or manpower. U come to work to give us a hard time that by all is so messed up coming from our LEADERSHIP. WOW!! I can only pray to GOD to wake up and work together.

June 13, 2016

Wow it comes down to this.After 18years of loving my job. On the 27th of April I injured myself on the job. I followed orders and went to the employee clinic.Took a drug test to prove I was not drinking or on drugs while on duty. I saw the Dr , and explained I had twisted or sprained my shoulder all the way to my elbow. It hurt and I knew if it got worst I would have a flight proving it happened on the job. So I was give 600mg ibuprofen and told I would have to go therapy 3x a month. So I said OK and returned to my area for my light duty. Now this took place on a Wednesday, I'm off work Thursday and Friday. My first therapy session was on Friday. When I finished therapy the light duty area a signed to me was not in the area where I work. So I asked why can't I stay in my area. The agent said because it's not a light duty area. I explained that others have stay there. The area is FIS. So I left the paperwork with her and asked for her to get it changed. My vacation started on Sunday. So that gave them a week to do the paperwork. I went to therapy for all my appointments. I explained that I was leaving in more pain then I started. I was given more pain pills. when I went to fill the presribtion workman's comp had no information of my injury. So I paid for the pills myself. Only these made me sick. Very sick I was throwing up all over the place. Now I'm into my second week of therapy 3x a week. I contacted the OJI office and he would not return my call. OK still no work area but it's OK because now I'm on codine for pain, still going to therapy 3x a week this takes me into 4 weeks. My restrictions are no use of left arm. But my company stated even though I'm unable to use my left arm or use heavy machinery I should drive to work. Don't take the pain pills until after work. I explained the 2hours I was doing 3x a week hurt.

So I get sent to a specialist, guess what my rotary cuff is badly torn and the pain in my elbow is tennis elbow. He gives me 2 braces to wear . Ok so now United sees I'm really hurt. But I'm told we can no longer call it a OJI because you didn't sign the work order. And even though they know I was on pain etc, I was not suppose to call out but come to work. Unlike some people I loved my job. But what do you do when it's clear you are not valued as a person. Oh he did change my work area right before I went on vacation. But he didn't give it to me it was taped on a door, I saw it because my name was on it.by this time I was on my way out on vacation. Sad part I want get paid I'll have to contact a lawyer and fight.

April 18, 2016

Please, please, please reconsider your choice to work for this airline? A company that operates using a name my grandfather help build with 27 years of ground crew service as an airplane mechanic, and be told after their bankruptcy he would not get his death benifits. If they have done this to their past employees I guarantee they will do it to you. Don't waste your life and skills for such a company that thinks so little of their staff. I wrote to United about my disgust to which an employee told me they would pass on my feelings to head office. Guess what their response was? I could name the head office employee, but I won't yet, Incase they ever do get the courage to respond!!!!! Don't fly this airline. Why would you patronise such a business, if they think so little of their staff, I guarantee they don't give a shit about their customers. Use any other airline even if it costs a bit more. My grandfathers life insurance for 27 years of service was only $4000 which they did not honour after their bankruptcy. I won't be satisfied now until I know I have cost them far more than that, writing reviews, Twitter, Facebook , word of mouth, and any other way I can get my point across. Words that describe United, curupt, deceiving, cheating,uncompassionate!!! Don't worry United airlines though my grandfather passed at the age of 84 and was sick with dimensia, his wife passed away three days after him with cancer, even though all of his life he kept his United benifits all together in the invent of his passing, they are not worth the paper they are written on, I layed them to rest, no thanks to you. My grandad wasted his life working for you, if you read this, don't let this happen to you.

December 13, 2015

You suck contractors into believing they will see advancment opportunities and there are none, let alone the abuse of being forced to work overtime, intimidation and harrasment. On top of all that you are told reviews and raises will take place and do not at all and if you dont like it you are replaced. I thought what was told to me by a lot of people could not be true but now I know why the warnings and understand all that people that left, were made to quit or fired. F- you, United for letting HR not checking on this. We do the same work an employee does.

October 24, 2015

I am a forced retire former 25 year Continental/United maintainence tech and supervisor. On November 13 2013 HR put a letter out telling us that anyone who was counting on retiring early ie before 65 that was old Continental and wanted to bridge your sick leave bank for medical until 65 you had till December 31 2013 to turn in your retirement letter or loose it all, so therefore it was stay until 65 and go to medicare or else. Some before me were offered early retirement with perks but when it came to my age group { 61plus} forget it there is the door. Thanks Jeff, I hope you get incarcerated and spend the rest of your days behind bars. It took a lot of my life savings to survive until 62 and SSN.

October 8, 2015

Now that Smisek has finally been fired and replaced my Munoz who has admitted that the outsourcing that Smisek and the board of directors instigated is a failure, will they bring the employees back to the stations that were outsourced to low wage High School graduates who aren't able to do the job. It literally takes two to three of these well meaning outsource kids to do the job of one highly trained and mature UA employee. No savings there. At my station five of the "outsource managers" were fired within one year. Three withing three months. They wouldn't have even passed the litmus test as a UA employee and yet the extraordinarily poor management team gave the bid to the lowest bidder with no regard to their standards. UA was the best. Still all UA board members are from the old CO camp. The UA members were pushed out. Hence UA dropping from one of the best airlines in the world to one of the worst. Why would UA not hire a polished management group from the outside with aviation experience to "try" and come in, clean house and attempt to raise UA to the position it once was. Just Stupid.

August 26, 2015

I was hired as a flight attendant on 12/11/1994. I flew out of SFO International all these years. I witnessed the Asiana crash first hand on June 6th 2013, as my Boeing 747 was ready for take off and waiting for them to land. It took its toll on me, and I had to be off for a while , during which time I saw a doctor psychiatrist, who put me on anti depressants, as I could not sleep any longer, even with drugs.

I went back to flying a bit too early, after having tried to get a voluntary furlough which was refused because I was late clearing United Medical..! I flew for a few months, then my sister died of cancer, and that set me back... two months later, on June 6th 2014, as I was attempting to pass ride to Paris, during my vacation time, to go see my father for his Birthday, the first without my sister, therefore I really wanted to be there with him, I arrived at the gate late, with only 20 minutes to spare before departure. Traffic had been very bad. I had listed myself the night before, but I was not checked in, because it was an International destination, and it needed to be done at the airport, either at a kiosk or with an agent.

The gate agent that day was one that I had never seen before, most likely someone from Continental. I fly the SFO-CDG trip weekly, since I am language qualified on the flight..therefore I know most of the agents and was counting on their help that day. This agent saw me coming to the gate, running, apologizing for being so late, and asking for his help to check me in quickly. This flight was the only one to be half full for a few days, and I was desperately trying to get on.

He looked at me coldly and said: The flight is already closed, you are not checked in, you are late...you won't get on today! I tried reasoning with him, but nothing would do... Still, the airplane was at the gate, the jetway doors were closed, but the airplane doors were still opened until departure time.. I begged him, telling him my story, about the death of my sister, my father needing me, but nothing mattered to him...he had closed the flight, and I should go home!

I started seeing red, and without thinking twice, walked toward the jetway doors, and opened them. Of course, the alarm went on, (it does as soon as you open the doors without your badge put in, and it stops, when you close back the doors.) The agent came to try to stop me and is now accusing me of having touched or pushed him... I am sure I was concentrating on the doors and not on the agent, but he wrote me up to the company, and I was suspended, followed by termination last October 2014.

I relied on my Union, AFA, to help me, but after a long while, they decided on June 2nd, 2015, that they would not present my case to arbitration! I am now left alone, trying to fight this battle against United, at my own expense.

No lawyer will help me, on a contingency fee basis, since this arbitration is to get my job back, but there is no money involved for a lawyer to gain. The lawyer fees are between 10-20K depending on how long it will take, and I also have to pay 50f the arbitrator and court reporter cost, as well as all their expenses..

I am furious to have spent twenty years of my life with this company, and being thrown out like a bad dog, for "Misconduct", which denied me unemployment. Fortunately, I fought that in court, and the judge right away over turned United's decision, saying that it was not misconduct, therefore I am now collecting unemployment. But I lost my retirement, pension, medical/dental, travel benefits...you name it...I lost it all.

If a lawyer think I have a case and is willing to help me..I would love to hear from him very soon... United, Mr Smisek and his management team need to stop bullying their way around.

June 29, 2015

I am a sixteen year employee who was terminated in January due transferring calls at the Houston TX call center. At the time I worked at the rate or tarrif desk, we also took calls from general population. As we merged CO employees were never retrained on all the new impossible call center rules for the new UA. A lot of agents were angry about the lack of training, no morale boosting, and general tyranny run amok.

I stupidly started to call management out at meetings and it got hot. I was reprimanded and sent home with pay for three days before they brought me back to work. I also suffered from cancer and was out on FMLA. They did not inform me on my last month out that there would be no pay. I had to borrow off my 401k just to eat and pay rent. It also forced me back to work before I healed.

The thing is that this is just some complaints from a call center, the baggage handlers, airport people, and then all the passengers. I would love to sue but I am unemployed and was forced to sign a non retaliation agreement.

May 31, 2015

I enjoy my job very much and also my fellow co-workers both s-UA and s-CO even though it was clear s-UA had the stronger screening for employment as well as over all higher standards in technology, training and customer care.

It has become clear as profits have soared and the first and then second round of field stations have been out-sourced that Smisek is definitely not the right man for the job. He has taken these very profitable stations from Mainline "real" jets to the small regional jets to show lower profit margins to justify out-sourcing. This out-sourcing has been a complete disaster both for the passenger, the legit UA employee and the poor naive out-sourced employee who is set up to fail. At one station three station managers were fired in three months. They truly couldn't have made it as a front line CSR much less a manager. Eventually the entire out-source company's contract has been terminated because they can't hire quality employees for the "as low as" McDonald's wages they are paying them and they are unable to handle the pressures of the job and simply do not have the life experience for the elements that the job requires.

Additionally, it was evident that the loss of corporate contracts, a near 100 percent turnover in employment etc showed and requiring over twice as many out-source employees as needed against the well trained "real" UA employee showed the out-source group was more expensive than and if they had simply kept the "real" UA employees.

All of these "real" UA employee who are to close to retirement to simply quit and are now apart of that despised minority of people who are older and have to much time in to the company to leave without, at-least, retirement flight benefits have had to leave their long time homes and families and children to commute from a more expensive "HUB" city to complete their tenure, enduring a tremendous hardship and cost financially, physically and emotionally. There is so much more to tell but in short. Smisek made clear that he did not care about the employees, only the stock holders. Close friends who are high level attorneys say they would never hire "Counselor Smisek" in their Corp law firms. He is considered a Harvard "schlepp". Our profits would have been twice as high under team Tilton but he bailed with his bundle of cash. Why has the FTC, who approved this merger not payed any attention to the thousands of letters written by passengers or the simple obvious in mismanagement and treatment of passengers and employees and his doing exactly what he and Tilton said they would not do in order to gain approval from the FTC for the merger. No ethical or moral high standard here.

March 22, 2015

I was walked off the property March 2014, United claimed I cost them $10,000 in lost revenue due to upgrades (for 1k within time limit) and waived fees for 1k s with documentation. The IAM let me know last month they will not take me to arbitration. Meanwhile another co worker was let go a week before me. They claimed $80,000 on her. Cases were nearly identical but she was helping many more people. This co worker just informed me this week she is returning to united on March 30th. She will not discuss her deal. I had 17.5 years with united. I am currently looking for a lawyer who will help me. They claimed I violated waivers and favors policy, when I never received a thing from these customers. This customer told me he received the same upgrades and changes multiple times from other employees in the first month I was gone. Anyone else have a similar case?

March 10, 2015

For those who comment about United employees being angry and bitter, I am a 25 year employee at sUA and while I can't speak for all sUA employees, the over 200 employees at our station (pre-merger) were pretty happy with our jobs. We did have setbacks during the bankruptcy that never should have been declared. UA was never at a point of default, especially with reports of assets estimated near $20B. That is the bitterness, but that's in the past. The real anger and bitterness reared it's ugly head at the merger with sCO management throwing the airline into complete chaos. A horrible computer system, and frankly our station is now half sCO and half sUA, with the sUA staff blasting past the sCO employees who can't seem to do the work on the sCO computer system they were already used to. Sometimes I feel like I'm working next to a brand new employee! Not all, but a larger percentage of the sCO staff have attendance issues. In the work place, many sCO hang around ignoring the lines of customers, until a customer approaches them, The sCO policies adopted really gave sCO staff opportunities to NOT work and take time off, buy vacation time off, carry over time off to the next year. All administrative nightmares and leaves the customers and company short staffed. We rushed the merger with no clear agreement between pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. Going on 3-years and still no combined working mechanics and flight attendants.

Training is a serious joke. The company cannot get their computer systems to work now for 3-years. Now they want to try web-casting, tele-confrence training with sub-standard connectivity. This is a dial-up airline for sure. (SHAME on Smisek)

February 15, 2015

I worked for United for 26 years and retired two years ago.....can't believe the decision to outsource the birthplace of United Airlines Boise Idaho........oh excuse me I meant to say "competetive source" Smisek is maybe the worst CEO since Frank Lorenzo if that is possible. The greed of this management group is unbelievable, there could never be enough profits to satisfy this group of bandits..Jeff Smisek needs to go!!!

December 18, 2014

My experience during the last 20 plus years I was with united was horrible and I think pales in comparison to most of the former and current employees' of this airline pre and post merger, union and non-union. I've been through numerous CEO's of this airline and from top management down to the lowest level has been hell. I am trying to remain anonymous at this point since you can't seem to trust anyone at this organization. The union and their representatives themselves are just as bad and only care for themselves and their friends, they go along with the incompetent management! Management will set you up if they want to get rid of you. They will use any thing and everything and anyone to accomplish their evil intents. One day this airline will be a disaster in the making! Why this kind of organization survives and be like it is is a puzzle and enigma. Maybe follows the saying that "bad weeds never die!", they just multiply! Management have hunted me for years moving from different areas to another and they finally got their wish! They used a bogus reason and a set-up to accomplish what they wanted! What's bad is they can and will use your own people or other people if you're a minority to cover their dirty tactics!! Customer service will never change and it will be worse since employee relations will be at its worst, if its not yet at its lowest. This is supposed to be America but united is like a communist regime ran by idiots and suckers.

December 16, 2014

I was a united flight attendant for 15 years. two years ago i was fired for not documenting my "sick leave" to United Medical even though i was actually taking occupational leave authorized by gallagher basset and had informed my supervisor and many others at united of that fact. I am presently seeking an attorney in California who is available to talk with me on the phone. I live in the greater Sacramento area. And I have a right to sue letter which expires January 2nd.

December 12, 2014

I am a retired Continental employee , retired when my reservation job went overseas. Gordon was a great manager > jeff will throw you under the bus.

December 1, 2014

My wife is a flight attendant with United airlines in San Francisco. She had a medical issue but was cleared by 3 doctors and tried to back work but was severed with no reason.

November 24, 2014

I was a Continental employee prior to the merger and now thanks to the current mismanagement of the airline I am unemployed after 36 years. Having illnesses in the family I also no longer have insurance. Thanks Jeff! God knows you need to show a larger profit on the backs of the people that made the airline. The current airline is an abomination. It in no way resembles a positive place to work.

October 23, 2014

It's a very sad state of affairs. I worked with CONTINENTAL AIRLINES pre merger for 20 yrs. and am still with this company. Two completely different corporate cultures is a huge issue. sUA employees seem so angry and bitter all the time and that conveys on to the customer. Remember in elementary school when your regular teacher was absent and there was a substitute? There was no structure, no discipline and it was a mess! THAT is what it feels like to work at this "new" United. No one knows anything, management is completely disconnected from employees and NO ONE is on the same page. Many sUA Employees take NO pride in their work, appearance and customer service skills. Communication is lacking and hostility between sCO and sUA is rampant. It's an awful place to work and the sad part is that amazingly qualified and excellent sCO agents are starting to not care anymore. The bad is taking all the good down with it. I see quality, customer service, pleasant smiles and accommodating being taken over by mediocrity, less than average, unprofessionalism and ugly attitudes. We try to remain positive but when there's a substitute is all goes to hell.

September 28, 2014

I was one of the bunch of employees that were outsourced...shit happens...one gets over it...however, the way employees were treated, both sides, sub ua and sub co at my station could be a text book example of just complete hostility towards employees. On the very last day, not ONE management person could show their face and say "Good luck, thanks for giving 10-15-20-25-30-40 yrs of your life to the company"....Not one, instead all the management, not just local, but from Houston all sat down in offices, acting like we were the problem, and didn't say one word.....and that is how, this airline treats their "Valued" employees

September 23, 2014

I have flown with Frontier Airlines, shuffled over to Continental Airlines, and then merged with united for 3 years. A total of 45 years. When the merger was constructed the United Flight Attendants were given $60,000 to early retire. We believed that the company would offer a similar package to the continental flights attendants. For the past three years the company and the union have denied that they would give the continental flights anything, and encouraged us to retire. I retired on August 31,2014. The company came out with an early out on the 15th of September. When I called to enroll, I was told I was not eligible, because I just retired! I then tried to revoke my retirement and was told I was one day too late! We need to find an attorney to take our case for fradulent enticement to retire.

August 30, 2014

I have been working as a flight attendant for 7 years hired by the Continental side. How I miss the pre merge days! Nothing against all of my co workers on the UA side, we are all on the same boat and we are all worker bees here.

There's certain CLE based inflight supervisor (D.W.) who does not miss a chance to write flight attendants up. She shows up to a flight and acts as a passenger, does not identify herself but at the end she discusses the flight with you and your crew. She is nothing but a bitch and a disgusting devil who plays with everyone else's bread and butter. I had her on a flight and she was writing us up about the service not being done the right way, not following procedures and violating Federal Regulations. This was all bullshit, as it never happened. Of course, we got a step of discipline. One step, but that was already too much for not having done anything wrong. Karma will get her one day!!!

August 23, 2014

I worked in Honolulu for United for 28 years. During and after the merger, the employees were constantly given false infomation about which direction management was going with our company. They were more in to punishment if something happened, even when the supervisors were getting in the way while loading/off loading aircraft, creating an unsafe work area. Shame on all the management people. It was starting to create health, depression, and anxiety problems for me, and I wanted to live longer, so I retired as of 3/14/14.

United management only cared about blaming employees for accidents, misloading, on-time departures, etc. Even though they were inside the arrival/departures operation and caused many of the problems, they would always look for an employee or lead to blame. Shame, shame on the management from top to the supervisors. I still miss the old United.

August 22, 2014

I had wonderful first years at Continental Airlines in SLC until the United merge. Then, the computers began to crash, only taking away my attendance points. Management created a set-up to write me up with warning letters, then a termination letter. However, in my last letters from UA, I was still at a positive (non-termination level) of attendance points as the company policy states, and I was nevertheless wrongfully terminated. I have had to fight for my last 4 years of employment to ask consistently that they fix their United Airlines reservation computer glitches. I still have hundreds of my requests that EEOC overlooked to take advantage of me. It seems that time and time again, there is no justice. I have lost my home, let alone a very expensive job. I am homeless. My name has now been blacklisted. I have tried now for 2 years to get any kind of a job but no one will hire me, not even McDonalds. I was traumatized daily for four years at United Airlines. What more do you want? I will kill myself like the celebrity and hang myself. Now watch me because of United Airlines greeeeeed.

August 8, 2014

I was hired as a Flight Attendant in May of 1997. After a furlough in October of 2001-2004 I started flying again. Having been out a while I was extremely excited to get back to flying. I noticed right away, that I suffered from chronic back pain and extreme anxiety, which I urgently sought out treatment for. Soon after that I began receiving harassing phone calls and letters from a new supervisor whom I had never met. I soon began to figure out that this male supervisor was forming a paper trail against me because of my FMLA status due to my back pain and anxiety issues. All of my medical problems were properly documented through my personnel doctors as well as United medical. Even with my exceptional work history, numerous letters by passengers and crew peers, the day came when I received a letter forcing me to voluntarily resign. I had paid Union dues since the beginning. What good that did, "NOT"!! What a waste of money, being that they were not willing to help me at all. It all seem to happen overnight. Even though this process took months, my new supervisor had somehow formed an evil and vicious alliance against me. I contacted the union, the EEOC, lawyers, etc. All to no avail. I was beaten by time and health issues. I had to care for myself and tend to my health issues. I was wrongfully terminated in 2005, on paper I "voluntarily resigned". Not one person or group was able to carry out keeping me employed, even though United pulled the rug out from under me. I miss my career, my flying life, my dream. All I can say is watch your back. I had all of my medical history documented and somehow this supervisor was able to pull this off. Karma, one day, karma!!!

June 26, 2014

Please except my name in the UAL "employee lawsuit". I had previously began my employment with the Continental Airlines side. After having such wonderfully respected, building an excellent rapport with every Teamster, never a problem, if any kind was fixed, within 24 hours or less. I was an Elite Premier Reservations Agent, booking International reservations around the world for my first 18 years of employment. Not until late 2009 when the merge began with United Airlines, and I had just returned back from my brothers death, and homicide as I upon back into the office gradually learned of this horrific fact about my only, oldest, very close dear brothers death. I was given a new supervisor I'd never had prior. She began to falsely accuse me of things I did NOT do.

After so many things that were created, and orchestrated to happen to me, I filed an EEOC complaint against her, in addition, I filed a separate official HR complaint against her as well in April 2011. Only to find myself being more and more harassed, retaliated against, twisting the facts around, only to blame me for the New United Airlines computer systems "GLITCHES" for a solid 3 1/2 years of never ending hell.

As I was forced not only to work off duty, and to come into work 20 minutes before my shift began every day, without pay, off duty, off the clock, in addition to programming the system to not treat me the same as the rest of all the other Agents, no Equal Employment Opportunity there with the new UA. My Attendance Points were fixed to not return back to me, as I began to find four or five months later Attendance Points that never came back to me. As I worked desperately off duty, with out pay again and again requesting supervisors, managers, HR's to please just treat me that same way as all the rest of the agents. Things became worse after my complaint with the EEOC, and was being retaliated against after they knowingly found out.

My emotional desperation, and their negligence to keep me in a safe and sound healthy state of mind work place to come into, the abuse became so horrific, I began to vomit on my way to work, worrying about what United management is going to do to me today. Having to physically pull off to the side of the FREEWAY to throw up I became so toxically sick from such a hostile work environment, being denied my January 4, 2013 employees earned wages, payroll paycheck, for two weeks, not one manager, supervisor in my office called me to tell me the truth, that it really was indeed there. After having no paycheck, that following Monday 7th, January 2013 my power was shut off during winter in Utah at 6 degrees below zero, for 3 days and 2 nights.

I am single, not married, no children of my own, and my last family member had just passed away. I had no where to go. I have 2 little doggies that I love dearly. Emotionally being tormented, traumatized, TERRORIZED and feeling of that as though I was a POW Prisoner of Work. Two weeks later on my next payday, I was handed my 4 January 2013 payroll check along with the 18 January 2013.

They lied to me deliberately. Intentionally causing me emotional distress, not allowing me to have a different supervisor for 3 years, knowing all along she was harassing me after I had complained only that she was not returning my Attendance Points, forcing me to work off the clock, creating and orchestrating things to happen falsely accusing me of things I did not do.

January 9, 2013 I go on line to file a long term disability form out and was rejected on line to access my Benefits website. Puzzled so I called my Benefits, and the looked up my name stating to me, "you have been cancelled out of the Benefits system on the December 31, 2012!" As I think to myself, this is factually wrong, I am not fired yet, I am still employed, although was deliberately mobbed, and then unlawfully terminated on January 25, 2013. Since that time I have not found a job, after applying to countless jobs, moving away, and still can not find a job. I have become so emotionally depressed, oppressed, and fear not only for my own life, but all the other employees who can not speak up for themselves, and my passengers who I loved to provide my excellent customer service to.

After spending countless hours of researching to go find and fix my own attendance points, wrong information as to why I was being punished and having my attendance points taken away due to the companies computers glitches, when I did ask other employees, they were not having any such problems at all. I was selected to be a target, to be humiliated, belittled, and place into subversion in from of my coworkers embarrassing me to the "LIGHT LAW" and every other Federal ACT and LAW that United airlines has breached, and of their own contracts they broke of their own towards a ways to get rid of me because I complained, they not only retaliated, but forced me to be placed now into a life of being homeless, no car, can NOT find nor get hired to another job. WHY? I do not know. I have NO income, no food, no toilet paper, and have not washed my clothes since November 2013. PLEASE help us and me from such madness.

April 20, 2014

Thanks for creating this website and keeping it up and running!

Please keep discussing and publishing more about the employees at the "new united". I am a Continental employee, and now, unfortunately under that "united" name.

The situation here is getting out of control. Since this merge, the employees seems to be a burden to the airline, rather than an asset. The way we were being treated as Continental has been replaces with a nasty witch hunt where, if a passenger writes a complain about you, the minimum you will get in most cases is a verbal warning which is a step of discipline. Passengers are writing up agents, flight attendants and pilots for the stupidest bullshit they can. Excuse the language but this is very frustrating.

You should already know they have this program for passengers called GS (Global Services) and they are invited to be part of that. It guarantees their first choice of meals in first class and other perks that inflates more their already huge sense of entitlement and rudeness. Of course, not all are like that and we interact with many nice GS's every day.

There's no more pride for the airline we work for and you have to watch what you say, what you do and even how you look because everything seems to be a problem. I hope I make sense. This is so frustrating and discouraging!!!

Keep up the good work guys.

February 24, 2014

I was hired as a CSR and was in training at United Airlines Training center where i was being psychologically harrassed by a customer services trainer. He knew a lot of my personal information which i didn't share with anyone and he was making fun of me in front of anyone in the training center and he involved everyone in that because they all were enjoying the way he was picking on me.

Nobody ever came from HR to the training center to let us know that in such situation who is the right person to report to. It took me almost 8 months to figure out who is the right person to report to, as it seemed the HR people also were not sure who will handle this issue. Unfortunately, HR didn't find anything in the investigation as everybody was involved in that.

Nobody tells you during training about the helpline number to handle such issues. The customer services trainers gang up and harass you. Before coming to United Airlines, I thought they have the best trainers and it's a very professional organization. Unfortunately, they are the worst trainers and a highly non professional organization.

February 22, 2014

I am a retiree of United Airlines. I want to tell everyone about the nasty way United is treating its Canadian employees. They were all called into a surprise meeting last Friday. The purpose was to tell them all YYZ, YYC and YVR,that in 90 days they would all be out of work. United is replacing them with 'rental customer service agents'!! As a retiree I know how hard they worked and how professional they were. Yes as human beings,we all have off days,however the level of professionalism was very high. Rarely any of the nastiness some complainants on ths site speak of. I never had the pleasure of travelling with CO before the merger but I believe their staff as well had the same professionalism. Only special,very patient people can stand working in the airline business for long. Now all these great people are being dumped in favour of poorly trained,poorly motivated entirely part time outsourcing. If you think the service suffered with the merger,get ready for it to bottom out now. Distraught staff now,followed by rent a staff! When I started with UA in 1989, it was a company that took pride in its staff and encouraged work/life balance,had lots of family oriented events,and rewarded good work. Now with the new Continental management employees are proved to be only numbers,not valued individuals. How do you expect them to act now? Air Canada has renowned bad reputation for customer service. They have always treated their staff badly and that was reflected in their poor customer service. The same will happen at UA's Canadian bases. The new UA has lost any and all integrity. Its a sad day for all.

February 4, 2014

I have been a Ramp worker at ORD for 15 years and, like so many of you, injury on the job, and the disgust over how this company treats us once we are injured. While I jump through the usual expected hoops of United and G/B "processing" every single claim my doctor makes, assuming they have "received" those claims and requests, I have a little problem with getting paid while I am out on I-Time. This happened to me on and off again several times in the years 2005 - 2007 while I recovered from a broken back injury suffered when I was hit by a guy driving a tractor from behind during a push out operation (apparently he didn't see the plane coming out of the gate nor me standing there in broad daylight with my day wand in the air) Now I am out due to a knee injury and once again I have not receive my pay. Today is Feb. 4 and my last pay was on Dec. 26th of last year. Seems United and OR G/B are not interested in the fact that I cannot pay my rent, my utilities, for my groceries, for my medications are anything else. Perhaps some of you have or are experiencing the same?

January 24, 2014

I was an employee of 13 years with the company and became disabled in October 2010. Now I'm receiving social security benefits. I have been trying to get in touch with them and no answer. I need management to call me. I'm kind of upset no one has answered me.

January 23, 2014

I am staff and have been harassed, but as sCO, I am disgusted by the lies and merger info. There is now a new staff travel survey for employees a few weeks after new UA closed all the employee staff travel offices after a lot of protest, which granted were under utilized and not well known in the new UA.

The FLIGHT BENEFITS that were compensation as employment incentives have been steadily diminished through gradual alterations to our original Fly to Win handbook which became the basic IAM contract. EVERYONE I interact with, including management on both sides is so upset at the obvious fraud perpetuated on the general belief amongst employees and passengers. It's just too much to deal with after all the wastefull management decisions and lies.

Now they want to make employees suffer more and reduce benefits claiming it's too expensive? NUTS? Petition your Congress people to investigate the fraud on the public!

Recently, several hundred layoff notices were sent system wide to ramp personnel just before Christmas. Was this a test or just asinine? Thousands of bags were mishandled. They were coded as TSA or mechanical belt errors. ABSOLUTE LIES AND FRAUD! It was blamed on weather as well.

Delays are being mislabeled to avoid penalties and there's no government action.

January 23, 2014

I was injured on the job at United in 1993 -- had my heel ripped off by a bag cart. Same story as everyone else: Workmans' Comp being a big joke with United's high-priced lawyers. I won SSI disability from a mortgage insurance policy I took out. A life insurance policy from UAL. The PBGC than took over and I can't get disability because UAL did not retire me as disabled. I've been trying to fight them; wrote several letters to UAL and PBGC but I am getting nowhere. There should be a law against this practice that UAL does to its injured employees. PBGC told me I could afford to hire a lawyer. I agreed with him so without a lawyer for PBGC, no disability.

January 10, 2014

I'm a former employee fired 1 month before full retirement, denied family medical leave for injury on the job and disability.Denied credit for rehab because it was physical rehab, not drug and alcohol rehab. MRI and cat scans both deemed insufficient. Orthopedic surgeon's diagnosis deemed insufficient, now on SSDI due in part to UAL. I was on disability when they fired me, they hate the disabled.

January 10, 2014

I was fired for calling in sick 2 different times although I had documentation from the Doctor for my respiratory illness in 2011. The reason for the firing was according to the junior union representative "She doesn't seem to want to be a flight attendant". Well they were partially right I didn't want to be abused .

January 2, 2014

I worked for Continental Airlines and then merged with United for a total of 17 years, I was harassed due to an on job injury, was put on a final termination warning being accused of calling my general manager a name. I was taken out of work while on limited duty without pay pending an investigation as to whether I called him a name. While I was out I was not allowed to talk to any of my coworkers, it was decided I did call him a name as he had two letters from coworkers which I was not allowed to see or question stating I called him an asshole. Sounds crazy enough yet it gets worse.

I was never allowed to talk about this to anyone or I would be terminated. Meanwhile the union rep told me to watch my back they were still after me. The whole thing was so crazy I couldn't believe it was happening. For 17 years I worked hard gave good customer service and we didn't have a union at Continental but a general manager would never get away with any of this. the union rep that was helping me went through my personal file which was against company policy and was working against me. Management gave her access to my files, dating back to 1998. If I hadn't found a handwritten itemized list left there, I would not have known. FYI, anything over 2 years old for sub UA gets shredded.

Being that I am a hard worker, never late, good attendance, follow rules, know my job, keep updated and love my job, I decided to not fight it and if I did my job they would not have a reason to terminate me. Well the Human Resources GM went from Buffalo to Washington. In August, 8 months later, I had a dissatisfied customer due to a mechanical cancellation. I'd given her hotel, rebooked her for an am flt and apologized for the inconvenience. The next day she complained to a coworker who called our general manager in LAX on a managers meeting to have her call the passenger to get a complaint.

Long story short, I was terminated, stating I was on a final termination. The union didn't help me and human resources would not return my calls. After 17 years, it took 1 year to get rid of as many CO agents as they could. I was offered retirement and the union rep felt that I should take it as I would be facing the same management that wanted me gone. The day I was terminated, an agent from Rochester NY that had been outsourced started in Buffalo.

I was terminated just short of the $60,000 buy-out and the bonus, 2 years shy of my true retirement. Human resources never called me, even after I took the retirement. I could not get a call back regarding benefits etc. The union, as I am being told now, was supposed to represent the sub CO as, but i was told by the rep from Buffalo that she did not have to help me and she did not know our fly-to-win and our rules. I am sure I am not the only Continental Airlines employee that was treated unfairly and terminated for unjust reasons.

October 30, 2013

I was also fired 3 seeks prior to become fully vested for lifetime passes and benefits. That was in 2005. I am not exactly a spring chicken and have been unable to get a job that pays a living wage. I receive a tiny pension from PGBC but it's not enough to keep me going. I recently applied for ss disability and received a notice that UAL reported in 2002 a 3401k "Joint and last survivor annuity" valued at $28,803. Does anyone know anything about this? I have called every number I can find for the corporate offices - even the switchboard is a recording inviting you to leave a voice mail. Does anyone know who I may call, and what number? Thanks so much!

PS: I feel for all of you who have posted your stories. The AFA convinced me to sign a letter saying that I would not sue the company if they would show me as resigned. Fat lot of good that did me.

My heartfelt commiserations to you all.

October 28, 2013

Fired one month before full retirement. Injured on the job, disabled partially due to on the job injury. Filed for FML under Family Medical Leave Act, denied. My physician sent the requested federal document plus cat scan verified diagnosis. UALMD said insufficient data, sent by DHL, guaranteeing immunity from felony mail fraud charges. All employees getting DHL notices or FedEx, are likely fraudulent. Met Life granted me total and permanent disability based on the same documents UALMD denied me. In my workman's comp case, Gallagher Basset [3rd party insurer for self insured worker's comp coverage] agreed to pay for my deductible costs incurred for a surgical correction due to on the job injury. Blue Cross Blue Shield was still on the hook for the rest of my surgery. I am now on SSDI, after 24.5 years with a company that denied me federally guaranteed leave while I was disabled. That leave would have allowed me full retirement since it doesn't count against the sick leave calendar. Counting sick leave due to workplace injuries the same as medical leave to assure termination before benefits seems to indicate workplace safety is hardly a concern.

I wrote the BOD since I am a stockholder and offered a procedure that could prevent the injury I suffered. Got no response. I have the OSHA and DOL case files for any attorneys representing clients injured on board. Willful neglect should increase settlement offers. Blue Cross ought to sue for reimbursement, too.

BTW, a site listing put option increases had UAL spiking recently, and Forbes would support such moves by investors. The article says they beat up employees, and I am a living example.

October 22, 2013

I was a 21 year F/A when I was fired from United. I just found out that my supervisor's goal is to rid of all straight F/As from the staff. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I can tell you this:. I dedicated 21 years of loyalty and my life to the company. I am s-CO, and I know for a fact, had I been based in a s-CO base I would not have been fired. MF, who was my supervisor did everything he could to make sure that I would lose my job. He has no idea the impact that it has on a person and those who rely on that income, meaning children.

I have two kids, one who is sick. When I went into the second-to-last meeting with MF and my union rep, I showed them pictures of my son with tubes connected to his mouth, nose and heart, would you believe that his response was, "That's not my problem." MF has no compassion whatsoever. My wife and I were married by a gay women, who is also our kids' godparent. MF has ruined my life, and only because I am a God-fearing individual, I wish no harm to him. However, God dosent like nasty unforgiving ugly behavior. We have been forced to eat what we can afford, which is extremely unhealthy: Vienna sausages, hot dogs, ramen noodles. It's very sad. To top it off, when he fired me, he had a smirk on his face, that was so hurtful. It made me so sad that he had duped and misled the leadership of United airlines, that he would be a good candidate for management. My faith keeps me strong and I know that my higher power will send a strong message to a person who enjoys firing and making people and their children miserable.

I hope that I can find another job, I do have my bachelors, but that means nothing when the company you worked for throws you away with no compassion. I went from no discipline to FIRED. and again, MF enjoyed every minute of it. I don't know how that guy sleeps at night. Our job as a F/A is to have compassion and kindness. I don't think MF ever worked as a flight attendant. MF, I'm sorry I'm straight. That still wasn't a reason to fire me.

October 4, 2013

I have been a SUA Chief Purser for 22 years, I was pulled off my flight for an investigation due to a complaint in June, during the meeting with my domicile manager, I denied everything, not because it was what we are supposed to do, but because it simply didnt happen. After 23 yrs of impeccable work history, there was no intent of treating me innocent until proven guilty. I was disgusted from the way I was treated and I decided to walk away from the BS and resigned. My wife, also a SUA FA and I rec'd a directive letter from my domicile manager stating that I was not eligible for pass riding benefits under my wife's benefits. I may be the only spouse of an airline employee in history that is essentially barred from using passes that I am entitled to. In the meantime, there are terminated employees using buddy passes from other employees...apparently I was guilty before proven innocent. I have recently found out that there are quite a bit of people in the same boat.

May 9, 2013

I am sCO employee who joined the CONTINENTAL AIRLINES 15 years ago solely because of an extreme positive customer service gesture by CAL cargo agent in early 80's who waived a portion of my pet cargo charges when I was a young college student after exploring Australia and buying a pup back in early 80's. Naive and inexperienced as I was, I remembered and respected this person and Continental Airlines for helping me out and I always booked my flights with Continental because of him. Late 90's, I see a recruitment ad and took on a third job, enjoying and planning my life around this part of my life. Only to see the entire company destroyed by some completely, irresponsibly, mismanaged merger process initiated by egos against all common sense. While today the stock price may be high, the numbers however they are manipulated and balanced by accountants, don't benefit the dedicated, hardworking people who worked hard under Continental only to be treated as dispensable assets by this unpopular merger. Most disturbing is the ego and superiority complex old and new UA management have and the ignorance at understanding daily operations and dealing with passengers and employees. Employees live in fear at losing all they have worked for, remaining unprotected.....What government fails to protect it's citizens after allowing such large corporate action, listening to congressional testimony which any lay person would observe was irresponsible and inconclusive (look up CSPAN testimony to Congress by CEO of S'UA and S'CO prior to merger and you will see what I mean).

April 19, 2013

I was injured while working for UA in September of 2012. I was paid temporary disability while undergoing treatment until today. United's WCB company, Gallager Basset had me attend on an Independent Medical Evaluation in January. Their doctor and my doctor agreed that I have a severe herniation in my L5/S1 region. My doctor, who is not ready to cut into a person at the drop of a hat, suggested shots to see if pain was responsive to less invasive treatment. Their doctor suggested either get a spinal fusion or go back to work - and nothing in between. In UA's opinion I did not comply with their suggested treatment plan and I am now on my own. No income. No coverage for treatment of any kind. For all of those passengers who wonder, take solace in the fact that this company treats their employees worse than they do their passengers.

April 11, 2013

I was an employee of UAL for 5 years, terminated about ten years ago over an FMLA dispute. I have flown under my wife's benefits for over two decades, as she is a UAL employee. This year, a supervisor decided to re-interpret the portion of the employment contract which states that a terminated employee may not use flight privileges into that I cannot fly as an eligible of my wife. This affects her flight benefits and is arbitrary and vindictive. We are willing to pay for representation in a court of law to:

  1. Restore the flight benefits that she is entitled to for her lawful spouse.
  2. Since the re-interpretation may open the window on eligibility of filing a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal that is usually three years, we are willing to go to court over the termination, with witnesses, to get flight benefits restored.

March 18, 2013

I'm an east coast employee, and regular reader of this site. I'm sure many of you are aware, the current T.A. is less than impressive. It guarantees "job security" at the hubs, and not much more. If this agreement is ratified by the membership, and jobs are outsourced in 2016, there will be movement into the hubs from the "Tier 2" stations, resulting in more furloughs from the hubs.

Nice knowing we're paying union dues for the possibility of outsourcing out jobs.

March 11, 2013

I am a sCO (pre-merged Continental) employee who went out on on-the-job injury (OJI). Gallagher Bassett fully took liability. I was unjamming a bag belt (I was working BSO) However, there was like five flights on the ground with this acient belt notorious for jamming anyhow. I grabbed a bag, as I do so five others are set free and come flying at me. So at this point I am on the ground with a shoulder injury.

I followed the protocol I know and that is to immediately report to OJI line for a case number; then called the supervisor of airport services (SAS) after hours to find out where they would like me to go for treatment.

I was on transitional duty for a good month or so; not very long. I had certain restrictions I relayed to my supervisors also with the doctor's admin office telling me they fax a report of the office visit. I wanted to work if I could. I had limitations at times; however did not have another agent so I would be forced to unjam bags, lift bags, not stay sedimentary. I did not complain; I hate drama. Well, when I did this there would be days I was too sore to work and stayed home and iced the area that was sore. SAS tells me don't worry about this place will code to OJI. I see this in my check week after week. It was a total of about 78 hours they paid OJI--well when GB closed up the claim; they collectively with payroll decided I had to use my sick time? I WAS NOT SICK; HURT ON JOB. I was told at THAT time that I did not go see a doctor when I was out icing the shoulder. Well, if I was provided that info I told them I was not aware of that policy. I received nothing but was seeing a doctor and getting paid OJI when I called out.

I was appalled that I was not given some literature or when I called in for the SAS to say hey you are on transitional duty--please get to the doctor. I also hear from co workers that on temporary disability I cannot work overtime--I did. Had no clue; but I feel mgmt should. I also had day trade I worked during my temporary disability (not allowed either) and was not paid nor told I couldn't work a day trade.

It was a big mess. I still want to find out my rights. Someone dropped the ball here. Use my sick for work related injury? Since when? Advice if anyone has any...

Ed note: The employee is currently checking with Worker's Compensation to see whether United Management broke any laws.

January 23, 2013

I was a Continental employee who was hurt on the job in 2010. To say it's been a nightmare is an under statement. I slipped and fell at the ticket counter, in front of co workers, but because I didn't get along with a supervisor and he was friends with the claims adjustor at Gallagher Bassett my claim was denied. I damaged my back /hip so bad I was told I needed surgery right away, but I had to get a lawyer and fight which took 10 months. I won my case, but since then has been one delay after another with Gallagher Bassett, to the point that I'm now disabled. I receive workman's comp, Aetna disability and social security and FINALLY got thru all the nonsense 2 1/2 years later and my surgery-which is only going to relieve me of the pain, has been scheduled. I wrote that idiot of a CEO Jeff 4 times, but he has yet to respond or even look into my problem, plus Continental owes me 6 weeks of vacation pay from 2010. Is anyone else going thru problems like mine with them and Gallagher Bassett? I think the company instructs them to give us a hard time in hopes that we'll quit, or they get us with the 90 day light duty trick. PLEASE beware of that, or get the quack doctors at Consentra to say we aren't really hurt when we are. I'm interested in hearing from other employees or ex-employees with the same problem. My goal is to get enough of us that we can bring about a class action suit and stop them. My life is changed, my health is ruined and ALL this could have been fixed had I gotten surgery when I first got hurt. Thanks and if I can help ANYONE get past the bs I've been thru, because believe me they play a bunch of games to prevent you from getting what you deserve, please feel free to contact me.

November 28, 2012

I worked at United for over 26 years. Started in 1979 just after deregulation was passed. That was the beginning of the end. I was 19 when I started and at that time it was the type of company that if you were lucky enough to get into, you stayed for life. Like an IBM, or GE. But with even more employee pride. I remember the mainliner club having sales that were packed with employees paying money for UA logo clothing. I remember saying "I worked for the airlines (or United)" at a social gathering and having people instantly asking questions that showed admiration for having such a job. And I wasn't a member of a flight crew even. See the movie Catch me if you can to really get an idea of the esteem Airline employees were held in. My grandfather and an uncle both worked for United, my grandfather retiring after a 40 plus year career. My uncle leaving after more than 20 years. Then deregulation, and a Grand March of greedy, stupid, incompetent CEOs that sent the airline into a nose dive. Starting with Dick Ferris (Dick Ferris before he dicks you), and his Allegis fiasco. Then Stephen Wold (the DEVIL). This JERK actually gave a speech once where he said people were going to have to learn to do with less. He meant pay and benefits. The same year he got something like a 45 million dollar bonus. The most greed and self serving CEO I have ever encountered. I hope when he dies their is truly a hell and he gets a 1st class ticket there.

After him I remember Gerald Greenwald, who conned us into buying what would ultimately be a bankrupt company. Paid good money for it too. At one point between myself and my wife (she worked there also) we had over $120,000 in stock, and based on projections by the end of the ESOP we would have close to a quarter million. What we got in the end was about $56. Yeah, but Greenwald walked away a rich man. There have been others, too many to even remember. But they all helped dig the grave. Eventually the coffin will be lowered into it, just a matter of time. It is so sad to even think about. The only advice I can give current employees is to leave when you have an oppurtunity. It was the best move I ever made. And to anyone thinking about it, I would avoid United like the plague.

November 28, 2012

Suffered 4 on duty injuries while working at ord for 15 year. United failed to acknowledge injuries and permanent disability I suffered. United failed to pay or allow me to use injury time I had earned. They took my benefits earned: flight, Injury days, medical and pension. They lied and cover up my duty injuries in court, UA destroyed my life.

October 20, 2012

Why can't the PBGC sue United Airlines for back retirement since UAL has so much money it can by another airline? I had 18 years and my retirement is $671 a month.

October 3, 2012

I have a lot of complaints about the way Subsidiary (S) UA has been doing business AND I have a lot of complaints about the merger process which blatantly violated S CO's standards, Fly to Win Handbook and policy. I agree with much of what I read on this site, most of the complaints are legitimate based on my experience working for S CO for over a decade. The powers that be, in their infinite wisdom and superiority complex completely destroyed the "working together" concept that made Continental a great place to work. Face it, S UA was a bomb for many years because of poor management and destroyed itself. It's obvious the remaining S UA management is destroying a well intentioned merger and it's obvious most of the powers that be discount all employees and retaliation is common if you speak your mind or attempt positive input. Facts are that S UA destroyed itself through mismanagement and it was a pure mistake to merge.

Last number I heard was a BILLION and a half dollars last Spring and still no final merger and still so many operational inconsistencies. Now I am not an accountant, but can anyone verify that S UA was worth that much in bankruptcy court if S CO let it alone? United is typically remembered in conjunction with 9/11. THAT'S A FACT HERE! Some brand name.... Did anyone bother to take a public marketing survey or ask the public or any employees what the best approach was?

For the S UA people, don't bash the S CO way of doing business..... we were all doing fine on the S CO side without a merger. We had stock options and ownership with direct contact with all management - seem to be lost now - all problems easily resolved on all levels. We didn't always agree and we had differences, but nothing like the blatant arrogance and retaliation I've experienced with S UA managers. That said, I have great respect for all the S UA colleagues I've worked with in EWR and there are few problems. We work it out and make it work. What is done is done and now it's time to make it work to save our jobs and future. Kick out the poor management and replace the antagonistic relationship brought over from S UA.

As for computer issues, I fail to ever understand the need to waste so much money on IT issues forgetting about KISS. The old Shares system will always remain as a backup and the wasted dollars on new programs, training, monthly updates and apps, etc? Do those millions balance out the bad image customers see when they are hit with all sorts of fees?

I understand there are 7 SEVEN different softwares only for CARGO operations and they are not in sync. I'm passenger service and we have new training every other week with new apps and upgrades and new complications. It all requires so much more time, then we are hit with negative codes when we don't work that flight fast enough last 10 minutes. We have SHARES that doesn't sync up with United.com info that doesn't sync up with the Gate Reader which doesn't sync up with employee res which doesn't sync up with apps. Let's just spend another million on IT to collect a missed bag fee. Anyone ever bother to do a realistic cost analysis.

I'm disgusted. I'm embarrassed. I'm harassed. And I've been retaliated against. S UA informed my management I'm troublesome because of my criticism thereby they deemed me a security risk....

August 16, 2012

The airlines are a joke...all of them, but United takes the prize.... Implementing the Shares computer system, which is 3 times the work of Fast Air, the good one that United gambled away from their own stupidity. Should we even talk about the express side, which is only contracted by United, paid crappy wages, and gets half the training, if they are lucky, and works 3 times harder than any union employee.. Way to go United...sort of like outsourcing your reservations department to India...you really care about your employees and giving good customer service!! You go!! They say that they care about customer service, but oversell the flights...ALL THE TIME.....show your true colors United..you go!! Most people that work for the airlines have been brainwashed... "Oh, I work for the airlines for my flight benefits"...sitting in an airport all day trying to get out, or getting stuck somewhere is not my idea of benefits...and should I even talk about the poor management? Jeff, the CEO has got to go. Please send him to another airline. He has already destroyed this one. (Like they couldn't have destructed without him). Ha!

August 8, 2012

Summary: I was fired for telling a passenger to fasten her seatbelt.

I had been working for United for 14 1/2 years since 04/05/97. I am purser-qualified since 02 Nov 2002. I have maintained a good work history, without negative entries. I received numerous commendations and recognition by UA and passengers. This is confirmed by the AFA lawyer [...]. The last 3 yrs until my termination on 09/14/11, I was based in London.

I believe that my termination was in fact an act of retaliation and harassment by one of my male supervisors [...] in LHR, who had regularly touched me inappropriately and made me feel very uncomfortable.

Whenever I had to be in the domicile to report for work, this supervisor took any opportunity to touch me on my upper arms, shoulder, upper body. Every greeting by this supervisor resulting in being touched by him. No other supervisor showed this behavior towards me. I tried to avoid this supervisor by spending only the absolute minimum time in the office, I was worried that he would retaliate against me, and harras me if I had reported him.


In 2011, the same supervisor asked me to come into the office to talk about an incident on a flight I was working. At the beginning of the meeting, he informed me that after looking into UA policies, my actions were correct. In fact I was the only involved person that was aware of the policy about "non required signature verification by the purser of delivered inflight catering". This made me wonder why I was called into the office. I asked him. He immediately started hysterically yelling at me. I felt verbally abused and he intimidated me. He already had a paper file with my name on it prepared, which is used in case of investigations of flight attendants.

The conversation took place in a cubicle, and the screaming was overheard by a female supervisor [...], who left UA shortly after my harassment complaint. She joined forces with [...] yelling at me, asking me the same questions over and over again. At the beginning of the meeting I was standing in front of a chair, later I was forced into the chair by the female supervisor. Shortly after, I was able to escape the cubicle and verbally reported the incident to the Dom. Mgr [...]. He wanted to check into the situation, which resulted in dismissal of the incident.

This made me report this to labor relations ( See EIM). That report followed a hearing with [...], [...], [...], [...], and myself. The accused supervisors were not present. The incident was dismissed by the Dom. Mgr.

Following this scenario, I was even more terrified, and limited any work related communication to the absolute minimum and with UA in the United States.

The incident:

On flt UA 935 31 Jul LHR-LAX, upon arrival I left the airplane to check on wheelchair assistance after the passengers deplaned. This assistance/ wheelchairs were for a few remaining passengers.

On flt 934 LAX-LHR 01 aug 11 B777, I worked as FA at jumps 3L. About 1 1/2 hrs into the flt, during meal service, the seatbelt sign came on. I did my seatbelt checks in my section. I informed a female passenger by cross aisle 3 L/R by lavatories to take her seat and fasten the seatbelt. I continued with the meal service. The passenger kept standing by the lavatories in violation of FARs. After the service, the purser (PU) [...] took the passengers aside. The PU did not provide me with passenger info that I requested to report the incident, even though she asked me to write a report. Instead, the PU created wrong statements to the captain [...] and upgraded the passenger and partner to UF.

Upon arrival in LHR the supervisor [...] met the flight. Another supervisor [...] was on duty at the gate podium, who could have handled the situation, for objectivity/fairness reasons. [...] talked to the passenger first, not the crew. Usually, once at the gate, a CS supervisor would talk to the passengers. I asked to report the incident to the authorities in LHR, since it was an FAR violation, taking into consideration the history. The supervisor refused, and remarked that it not UA policy to contact the authorities on passengers.

The supervisor did not allow me to proceed to crew customs in LHR as is required for every crew member. He separated and escorted me off the airplane to the UA office without clearing customs for interrogation after a 13hr duty day. This time in an enclosed conference room. He immediately raised his voice and started with accusations after I gave a short statement. Again asking me questions over and over again, even though I had answered them already. After a long time, and the supervisor becoming more and more aggressive, I could not take the verbal abuse any longer and ran out of the confined room.

Investigation and Termination

Following this mtg, he started an investigation in this case, that lasted from 01 Aug 11 to 14 Sep 11. He manipulated statements and asked the captain via private email for a more "detailed" report. Some emails of the conversation disappeared. He fabricated the case by only using reports from FA's that he could turn against me. Only 4-5 reports were available from FA's that he used against me. A B777 crew consists of 11 FA's.

At the AFA / UA Mediation meeting, UA was represented by [...] (the same individual who had terminated my employment). I was hoping to have a more neutral person. [...] AFA, [...] AFA, lawyer [...] Mediator, and a UA lawyer were present.

July 29, 2012

Almost five months since 3/3 transition and it's still a nightmare during irregular ops. CONTINENTAL oops, United, can't handle it anymore because of the p.o.s. called SHARES. Help desk is anything but. CSRs calling there are at the mercy of some yokel in Texas who either doesn't comprehend what we are asking for or what we need or decides to interrogate the CSR (with many years or even decades) of airport experience about the problem we are calling about. If they don't understand or don't know, they simply say "it can't be done" or they treat the Customer Service Rep (CSR) with disdain while we wait for "permission" or denial to do something. So fed up, can't put it into words. On top of that local premerger UA supervisors and Management are scared sh!tless for their jobs and have taken the complete CONTINENTAL " make do " attitude. How CO could have ever gotten the so-called best airline rating in the past is beyond comprehension !!!!

February 23, 2012

I have been an aircraft mechanic of UAL for 21 yrs and have Parkinson's disease for 8 yrs already. I have been held out of service since 08-16-2010 because of PD. In July 2011 UAL said they could not accommodate me because I cannot perform an essential function of the job, climbing ladders taller than 4ft and working at unprotected heights. The attorney I had hired to sue them for discrimination backed out, and I am looking for one that would look at my case and assess it. I live in CA and have right to sue letters from the EEOC & DFEH. I want justice fr what they put my family and myself through. I ran out of sick time and have exhausted state disability and waiting approval from SSI. I need competent legal advice please!

January 12, 2012

Being a United Airlines flight attendant was suppose to have been my dream job but it instead was a 5 year nightmare. Certain supervisors targeted me because I wasn't afraid of them at all which took away their element of control and using scare tactics. But even worse were the flight attendant rats that I sometimes had to fly with who lived their flight attendant lives kissing management butts. One of the biggest complaints that I use to hear on the planes was how flight attendants didn't get any respect but I'm here to say that a lot of them didn't deserve it. Don't get me wrong, their are a lot of hard working, union loyal, dependable UA flight attendants who were a real joy to work with but the pathetic ones outweigh them which is why I quit in 2005. The job just wasn't worth the very low pay or the BS. Supervisor [...] at DCA was the dumbest manager that I had ever seen at any job in my entire life. I felt sooooo free when I left United and now I'm doing a job that I actually enjoy and last year my take home pay was $75,000.

January 10, 2012

Let me make it clear; I am not, nor have I ever been a United Airlines employee, but what I have to say should provide some insight as to how things work at UAL. Prior to late 1997, I attended UAL flight attendant recruitment open houses three times. On all three occasions, I checked my answers on their screening aptitude test very, very closely thus ensuring that I would receive a score of 100 each time. None of these go-arounds resulted in an invitation to attend a second interview in Elk Grove, IL. Then, in late 1997, I attended yet another of their open houses, took the test one more time, reviewed my answers and purposely changed several answers to wrong answers in order to insure a score of 80. I used a relative's very similar SS number to prevent matching of this test score to the prior ones), and guess what? I was cleared for a second interview. I had a similar experience at American Airlines; they told me that they almost never saw such a high score on their much more extensive aptitude test, yet I was not offered employment there, either. LUCKY ME!

October 17, 2011

Ive worked for UAL 23 years, but been out of service over 1 year ago (involuntarily) because of neuromuscular disorder. They refuse to "reasonably accommodate " me claiming my medical restrictions prevent me from doing the work . Been patient long enough I filed a charge with the EEOC and today I am seeing a lawyer. I am fighting this for justice, since they withheld my ages and blatantly violated the union contract, and on principle for the next guy. never thought t would come to this, but after 23 years, why should I be surprised? they are like the old western movie cliche "white man speaks with forked tongue" when it comes to employee treatment. Let's see how they are going to retaliate. I pray to God for wisdom and strength.

July 23, 2011

United management will not back employees. Passengers on a recent flight to Europe were drinking in the boarding area ( which is againist the law ) They purchased wine from a store in the terminal.... several bottles. They were loud and obnoxious. The passengers were asked to dispose of the alcohol and to refrain from any further consumption, or they would NOT be boarded on the plane in accordance with the Federal Air Regulations, which states we CAN NOT board intoxicated passengers. Passengers were argumenative...and harassed the agent. Management would not back the agent. The crew would of denied the passengers boarding if they had continued to consume their beverage of choice...causing a further delay and possible cancellation of the flight due to legality issues. But management laughed and joked with passengers..... This type of behaviour endangers our passengers, because if they refuse to follow instructions in the boarding area and follow the law...what will they do on board the aircraft???? The safety of the passengers is a risk, as is the airline of being fined by the US government. Other passengers came to the support of the agent....but not management. I'm very disappointed by United.

June 13, 2011

I left United Airlines in May 2005 after being harassed and bullied by a Supervisor. I fought this sick woman off from 2001 until 2005 when I walked away from this harassing Supervisor and negligent Union. I was an OUTSTANDING Flight Attendant, Chicago based.

I was honored for Onboard Service and Humanitarian of the Year award and marched in many United parades.

I started with United in Resv and Sales making 6.65 an hour. In June 1997 I became a United Airlines Flight Attendant.

So where am I today after 6 years... under-employed! I turned 56 in April of 2011. I have been blacklisted from the airline industry and other related jobs. I finally got a job working as a telemarketer making $8.25 an hour. I am on foodstamps and collect any extra food for the month from a neighborhood pantry.

My work history has been ruined as well as my medical history...all from United Airlines.

I decided to get a certificate (quickly) as a CNA or EKG tech and enter into a BA course for nursing. So, I am working extra hours on my telephone job to pay for a 30 hour course.

It has been a very inhumane, degrading, hurtful, humiliating and unfair experience. I lost my trust and confidence in mankind and just people mostly in general. I know some of the professionals that threw me out of a career and stop me from affording food or insurance for medical care has a dog at home that eats well. I bet they worry if their dog gets caught in the rain, or if their dog doesn't eat...but they have no regards whatsoever for the welfare of a human. My error was being a happy, upbeat, confident overachiever (who-do-you-think-you-are??? We-will-show-you-your-place).

For those of you still holding on to documents and filing papers because of how unfair they have been to you...let it go...you will only make yourself sick. People (that includes family and friends) will get tired of your story anyway. You will be left alone except for the help of God. People forget about all of the planes you put them on and how hard you worked to bring a plane to the family. They just want you to move on...seriously...they do not understand or get it...it messes you up financially, emotionally and mentally...it changes who you are! That is the whole point.

I hope someone wants to follow up with me. I am so determined to help heal others that I am putting my telephone number in this letter. Yep! You can call me!!! I have nothing to hide or lose at this point. To be honest, I am not scared anymore...I just want to start to help people heal. Call me if you want to talk. I was ORDSW. My telephone number is 773-756-6492. We got time to hang out now and vent...why not?

Read about workplace bullying. The most important thing is to know when to let go and when to stop telling your story. It helped me to know the bully that I was fighting. I speak out against Workplace Bullying and companies that try to destroy people. Remember: Any time your past is more exciting than your present or your future, your life is out of balance.

April 6, 2011

[Flight details redacted] United knowingly operated an aircraft with air pack inoperative, in a high temperture environment, with little opportunity to cool this aircraft on the or en-route phase of flight. The cooling equipment on this air craft had been on maitenance- inop for extended period of time prior to the segment. As a result the whole crew was sent to concentra looked at by doctor. we had heat stress. Now united Airlines is trying to give me points for my on the Job injury that the caused. A letter of warning in my work history. I was harrassed by united mangment the day day of my injury. As of today united does not want to remove my letter of warning their still saying its part of United's policy to give you points when you get hurt on the job! This has to be the most outrageous thing I've ever heard. How are you going to hold me accountable for something i truly had no control over. I've been trying over the last year to get this resolve and all our union keeps saying that it's a company policey to give points when you're hurt on the job. This is just not right!

January 23, 2011

I was injured on the job while working as a ramp service at ORDCG IN 1993., A baggage cart came close to me and ripped my heel off. Rich Grusnick came over to our house and told me United did not want me back. I was damaged goods. United send me to Dr after Dr, even to The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago by Dr. Harden, which diagnosed the wrong foot. I had developed a nerve disorder called Relex sympathtic dystophy. United paid me in untill 1999. Before that they also had stopped my pay check on ond off. Even made me see Doctor McGuffin on crutches and still bleeding. They didn't even call an ambulance for me, they took me over to a clinic which in turn sent me to the hospital for my foot to be sewn back on. When United was going into bancruptcy my lawyer called and told me I better except the offer which was penniess on a dollar, and that United agreed to retire me with 14 years of service. I asked if United would retire me on disability; they said "No, take the offer or get nothing." so I took the offer. I was considered disabled by 2 other insurance companies. Everybody declared me disabled, even social security, that is everyone but United, although I did receive disability from United life insurance policy. United went into bankruptcy and the PBGC took over. They chopped my pension so much. I appealed on disability, but they said "no, I couldn't because United said you wanted to retire." The lies that happened through the years, the paid off Doctors in chauffeur-driven limousines. If they only would treat their employees like they treated there lawyers and paid Doctors! Every Dr I went to, you know he was being paid by United. Also I asked for my files from United they had me down as a pilot so again they messed up my files. I then turned 65 and United took me off their insurance. They kept my wife on but dropped me. I now live on Social security disability and a very small pension which is very hard to live on. I was once very proud to say I worked at United, but that was many years ago. I can't say it now.

January 14, 2011

I am far from the only employee terminated by United Airlines management. Just here in Washington, DC., since the new Senior Staff Labor Relations person was promoted to that position, eleven (11) Flights Attendants have lost their jobs.

My feeling is that I not only was discriminated again, but that I was framed by this person. When she was told that the position was kind of dirty, her answer was, "oh well, but, it's a promotion".

The short story: I was accused of wrongdoing and violation of the article of conduct when after a flight from Dulles to Mexico City, a passenger (whose wife works for United Sales Dept.) wrote a report that he witnessed a Flight Attendant give another passenger seated in front of him a first class tray meal, in a China ceramic white plate, covered with aluminum foil.

According to the report, the flight attendant was in his mid 40s, had gray hair and was of medium build. I am 58 years old, with total dark black hair, and of large build (I wear XL clothes). But I knew from before that the Senior Staff person didn't like me... you know, people talk, especially in United.

I was working in economy class and according to the report written by the Chief Purser, who was working by herself in the first class cabin, there were no spare passenger trays from first class. UAL only provides the number required and all eight passengers in first class (Airbus 319) ate their meals. That is one of the reasons I know I was set up by the Senior Staff person -- a feeling shared by every person or co-worker I talk to.

Needless to say, my file was manipulated and many of the complementary letters I had received during my 25 years' tenure were no longer there and available to be seen.

Well, she used that report to come after me. I was not allowed to talk to the person who, according to her, wrote the report. I was not allowed to have contact with anybody involved in the process. The Senior Staff person lied under oath to the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) employment neutral judge commissioner during our telephonic hearing. Regardless, the judge concluded that there was no evidence to justify the discharge and ruled in my favor, assigning me unemployment compensation for 6 months, compensation that has now been extended for 5 more months. UAL originally denied the benefits, claiming that I did not deserve them.

I was literally thrown in the street after 25 years of dedication to the company, left without health insurance for me and my family, especially my seven year-old. I had to drop the Cobra insurance because I could not afford it. Now we stand to lose our home. I wrote to the new CEO of the new United about a month ago, but of course, have not received any answer. In the letter I explain all the facts of why I was terminated and asked him to please intercede to reinstate me back in my job.

I have also been in contact with a Congressman here in the State of Virginia, but without any real results. Finally, I wrote a second time to the Association of Flight Attendant (AFA - CWA ) senior attorney, asking for my right to arbitration, since I have paid union dues for the last 25 years. So far, no reply. I have tried to contact several labor attorneys here in the State of Virginia, but have been unsuccessful in getting one to take my case. Maybe they do not see any money in it... I don't know.

I have every and all the documents that have been part of this process from the very beginning, I know I'm running out of time, but I just do not know where else to turn. My financial situation is getting critical and I cannot find an open door to solve the problem. I am even willing to get a loan and pay an attorney to take my case and fight to get my job back.

October 1, 2010

I was hired at United in July of 1995. Everything was going fine until I had a back injury. While I was on leave, I was laid off in 2003. Right before that Boeing created blocks so I will not get my LNI benefits. THey were more interested in Settlement. The Lawyer I hired was only interested in making her percentage so she screwed me on settlement. Until the day of appearance in court, I didn't know that what United was offering. My lawyer had me used money from future settlement instead of advising me to file for unemployment or collect disability. In court I was pressured to sign the paper work because I was told that if we go in front of judge with accepting United offer, I might loose my case or be delayed and in this case, I will have to pay back every penny I borrowed from the settlement. United Offer was that I give up rights to medical (LNI) and resign voluntarily with no right to re-apply for job at United or any related organization for small change. I was hurt and had no money so I accepted the deal under pressure. My lawyer did a good job in getting me scared.

United is a cruel organization. Once you file for LNI, you are black listed and not recommended for re-hire. A colleague from United have seen it written on his file before he quit his Job under settlement.

September 28, 2010

I was fired from United last year while on a medical leave approved by United. They sent me two different termination letters and both are false accusations. My current pushed the wrongful termination/medical discrimination forward through the California labor board, who approved my suit moving forward. During that time United contacted the union, who contacted me asking me to sign a letter of resignation and turn it in as soon as possible. I said I would not when they fired me when I did nothing wrong. Now, my attorney who has been representing told me he had to quit because he lost his law partner and cannot handle the case against United alone. I feel terrible but I cannot allow United to get away with what they did to me after 13 years of impeccable service. Help, I need new legal counsel and have until Feb before the statute of limitations expires.

September 21, 2010

I've been hoping that untied.com would continue to provide access to injured employees who've been criminally assaulted by Self-Insured UAL's WC Dept., Management, the Corp. Medical Dept.,the Adjusters, Corp.Attorneys, bribed doctors & judges, etc. It is shocking to discover that a dedicated, productive employee could be treated so viciously after acquiring an occupational injury. United is well equipped with all the above accomplices to fraudulently delay & deny all rights of an injured employee. After an extended period of fraudulent denials, the employee's right to a job is confiscated, LTD is cut off, employee is forced on SSD by UAL and dumped out on the street.

There are thousands of insidiously evil cases that go unheard, victims of the High and Mighty Crooks that run United Air Lines. I just hope they don't run their Flight Operations in the same crooked manner as their Workers Compensation Dept.

I have been a Flight Attendant, worked in Res, and many Ticket Offices over an extended time period. I have seen some repugnant changes in Management's attitude toward their Employees and their Customers. This is reflected in the many odious comments heard about United.

I do have a Time Line of my WC case that proves without a doubt that multiple criminal acts of medical fraud, bribery, libel, labor fraud, and state fraud,etc. were committed by UAL WC. I have stories about other employees who were brutally treated and criminally assaulted after acquiring a legitimate job injury. I would like to contribute to the very worthy cause of exposing these High and Mighty Corp. Crooks.

September 20, 2010

I have been employed with United Airlines as a Ramp Serviceman since January 2007. I was discharged for falsifcation of company records. Also, as a union member of the International Aerospace machinists an investigation open by United Airlines stating that I made falsification to get a job as a Customer Service Representative which I was offered and transferred by United Management in April 2010. In May 2010 Local United Airlines management sent me back to my previous location with out giving me an opportunity to give an active speech for the accusations,discrimination and/or defamation being presented before me. I told the company that it was an honest mistake that I did not update my on-profile when I submitted my job submission for the vacancy. Also, I was scheduled for a hearing and the decision was made not by United Airlines nor the Union but by a hearing officer conducting the case. The decision was made of my discharge this summer. Also, I do believe my separation was an act of hearsay behavior not by Local United Airlines Management. I am seeking legal council to protect my job,pay,benefits and all I have worked for since employed with United Airlines. I do believe that I have two separate issues involved.

August 22, 2010

I have been battling UA since I was forced to retire in 2004. Bogus charges were invented by my WACKO supervisor and I had no help from the flight attendant union, AFA. I am still fighting UA and I am writing a book about employee's experiences at United. If you want your story used, I will be happy to exclude or include your real name. I want cases that show how morally bankrupt United's management is. Please contact me at hutdia@aol.com. My phone number is 850-862-4394. I have caller ID and will not pick up the phone unless you identify yourself. Thanks and let's get to work to get justice for former employees who have been shafted by United!

July 14, 2010

I started with United Airlines in 1978. I have been a good and productive employee. Approx 2007 my father became ill and died after some 3 months in the hospital, 6 months later my wife of 10 years left with my 5 year old daughter and 8 months old son, 6 months after that my mother passed away. I am a only child and at this point I was very depressed. I went to the United EAP office for help and was assigned a John Zegar that was hired by UAL. This man was ZERO help to me and I found later that his licsence was revoked in Arizona after having sex with a patient , the patient he was trying to help had tried to commit sucide. A few months later I shared a beer in the parking lot with a friend and was terminited. Over 30 years of service and this was the help I was given. I had lost everything in my life and even my own company of 30 years didn't help me. I fought and fought and after 18 months of UAL stalling I had a IAM medation and won. The company saw I would need to be given my job back but not until after I lost over $90,000 in earnings, lost retirment funding and much more. I signed those return to work papers over 3 weeks ago and STILL haven't been called to return to work. This is just the ice tip of everything that has happened. I am 52 years old, I spent all 401k savings to live, couldn't get a new job, been treated like less then human. What's wrong with the management at this company?

February 15, 2010

I'm 22 years old and I have worked for United for about 3 years at DENCG. Before Oct. 09 I had 0 points for dependability.

On Oct 25 09 I ended up in the ER and was told that I needed heart surgery to save my life. I had a bad case of Wolff Parkinson White syndrome that carried a chance of sudden death. I called in to work and told them what was going on and that I would be out for awhile.

I had the surgery at a Kaiser hospital in Denver, since United Benefits told me I had Kaiser insurance. The recovery time for my ablation was supposed to be one week before I was back to normal.

The first problem I had was when the hospital called and told me I didn't have any insurance and Kaiser denied my claim. I found out through multiple phone calls that they messed up my insurance and gave me Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. United Benefits and United told me there was nothing they could do about my insurance, or even help me get them to pay since they have denied multiple times to pay for the surgery. All the stress from dealing with that alone has been very bad on my health and heart and I'm suffering from panic and anxiety attacks.

I ended up in the hospital 3 times after that for heart problems. Once was from work where my dependability supervisor called the paramedics and I was rushed to the ER from work. And one more time where I was hurting too bad to perform my job.

I have one more point before I'm fired. I don't qualify for FMLA because I'm part time and I volunteered overseas teaching refugees on a personal leave for 4 months.

I filled out the catastrophic illness form with a note from my surgeon that my condition was life threatening. United corporate came back and said that it wasn't a good enough reason, and left the points standing.

I'm on a medical leave now trying to find out whats wrong with my body since I keep having the symptoms of a heart attack and my right arm goes too numb for me to hold bags, leaving me unable to perform my job.

United causes me alot of stress, calling me asking for detailed medical information to keep me on medical leave, asking when I'll return to work, and refusing to help me with my health insurance. The health insurance issue itself causes me alot of stress from the bill collectors that keep calling me.

All the stress and anxiety is making all my problems worse and its a spiraling problem. Please let me know if there is anyway you can help me get United to help me fix my health insurance since it was their mistake, or get them to back off as I try to get better. Or if I have any other options.

Additional letters from past and present UAL employees can be found in the archive.